Cloud & Docker & Openstack

I came across a recent discussion by my colleague Frank Wegner,Senior Product Line Marketing Manager for VMware Cloud Foundation ( VCF ), I like to share.

When AWS is eating your budget

Amazon AWS is eating budget like mad
We were told that many SMB customers spend €600k to €3m on Amazon AWS easily. This is a lot of money, and many see this as a real business problem. It often started as shadow IT, and now they are stuck. Our message on a common architecture across clouds really resonates in this context, as we can offer a way out of this dilemma.

Going into the public cloud without a plan
Related to the AWS issue is the fact that most customers went into the public cloud without a plan. It was a grass root development which started with individual teams, but IT never developed a plan or strategy around it. Public cloud value and benefits can be much better realized when customer plan this. It is not all bad. It is important how you leverage public clouds.

Reducing costs with standardization
Cloud Foundation enforces a certain level of standardization for both hardware as well as software architecture. Some customers see this as a constraint, but a stronger feedback was that this is a good way to reduce costs and risks. Some customers are looking at matching use cases, operational models and processes to get this implemented.


We also offer Cloud Native Apps, VMware vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC), and VIO (VMware Integrated Openstack ).

Here is an very interesting blog about Claoud Native Apps & vShere Integrated Containers.


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