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VSAN 6.1

Aufgrund einer Anfrage meines Kunden und seinen umfangreichen Fragen zu VSAN 6.1, zum Design, zur Architektur und Konfiguration mit Microsoft Clustering, habe ich folgende Informationen zusammengestellt.

Ich hoffe, dass diese Zusammenstellung auch anderen Kunden hilft, ihre VSAN Umgebung zu planen und zu „designen“.

VSAN 6.0/6.1 Whats New in VSAN 6.1?

Hardware Compatibility Guide for VSAN

VSAN 6.1 Feature Walkthroughs!/virtual-san

VSAN Design & Architecture

This article will answer all of your questions and provides recommendations to server, storage and network configurations and best-practices,

However, I like to point out some additional topics you have to consider when setting up your VSAN cluster.

Thin provisioning

It is strongly recommended to create and use your own storage policies, although the policy might use the same settings as the default ( none ) storage policy. As in Cormacs article explained, even if you use the default ( none ) storage policy you can choose either thick or thin provisioning, but the default policy uses LZT ( Lazy-Zeroed Thick ). But if you choose thin, it will use thin.

Virtual SAN ( VSAN ) Stretched Cluster

  • VSAN stretched cluster requires VSAN 6.1 ( vSphere 6.0 Update 1 ).
  • Topology of Stretched Cluster and why you have to consider L3 network with VSAN 6.1 for witness. VMware recommends L2 network between data sites and L3 network for witness.

  • Best Practices and Performance

  • Alternatively to stretched cluster configurations there is also the option to use ROBO configuration: This feature is provided with VSAN 6.1 ( vSphere 6.0U1 ).

VSAN and Microsoft Clustering Services ( MSCS )

Please review this KB Article carefully:

Backup and DR with VSAN

  • VMware recommends to VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced with VSAN
  • Virtual SAN interoperates with VMware vSphere Data Protection™ Advanced, a backup and recovery solution designed for vSphere environments and powered by EMC® Avamar®. vSphere Data Protection Advanced provides agentless backup and recovery of virtual machines running on VMware vSphere VMFS, NFS, and Virtual SAN datastores. Backups are deduplicated using a variable-length segment algorithm, resulting in a significant reduction in backup data storage capacity consumption. Backup data can also be moved offsite using reliable, secure, network-efficient replication.
  • vSphere Data Protection Advanced is deployed as a Linux® based virtual appliance. A vSphere Data Protection Advanced virtual appliance consists of multiple virtual disks that contain the guest operating system (OS), vSphere Data Protection Advanced application, and backup data. vSphere Data Protection Advanced routinely performs checks to verify the integrity of the virtual appliance and the backup data it contains.

What’s new in VSAN 6.2

Additional Resources:

VSAN in YouTube & Customer Testimonials


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